System Backups

SecureHD is a data backup and recovery system that offers complete peace of mind should a hard drive or server suffer a catastrophic malfunction. OfficeNet maintain a complete mirror of your system on your own dedicated hard drive, stored on our server. If needed, the hard drive can be simply installed in your existing hardware or replacement server.

Why SecureHD?

Traditional backup solutions must be restored onto a server with the operating system pre-loaded. This is a skilled process and usually takes several hours. With a SecureHD backup the replacement drive contains your operating system, data and configuration settings ready to go. SecureHD technology is intelligent and, when backing up files, it will only send the elements that have changed. This, coupled with compression technology, makes the backing up process fast and efficient, using the minimum bandwidth on your internet connection.

All your data is held off-site on one of our secure servers. This means that it is unaffected by local disasters such as power surges, floods or fires.

Features and Benefits
  • No new hardware required – Secure HD is a software package that will run on any computer using any of the following operating systems:LINUX, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista
  • Rapid restart - a server backed up with SecureHD can be up and running less than an hour from disaster.
  • Remote and on-site solutions offering complete peace-of-mind.

SecureHD has a web interface so wherever you have internet access you can check up on the state of your most recent backups. Regular emails keep you informed of the status of your system.