Our favoured Internet Service Provider is Andrews & Arnold. Over the years we have built up a professional and efficient relationship with AAISP, providing us and many of our clients with multiple solid, stable and most importantly useable internet connections. AAISP provide broadband for both Business and Home users.

AAISP Connections, like all major broadband service prodivers are subject to a range of tariffs, Bandwidth and speed restriction limits apply. For an up to date pricelist see the Andrews & Arnold Website

  • Always on, networkable internet connection
  • Fast installation (normally under 7 days)
  • includes pre-configured ethernet router ready to just plug in
  • Multiple lines for faster download and resilience without special equipment
  • Multi-site closed user group, ideal for branch offices, giving control and cost savings
  • 8Mb/s broadband (where available), with fast upload and download
  • No min-term and free migration to/from other providers
  • Constant quality monitoring of all lines, with text/email alerts
  • Central or per-site billing with online account tracking
  • We can also provide the phone line (outgoing calls barred) and so be a single point of contact for ordering, billing and faults.
  • IMAP email with spam and virus filtering, ideal for using on your laptop and in your office.

  • Always on, networkable internet connection
  • Includes pre-configured ethernet router ready to just plug in
  • Your own personal UK domain to give you real email addresses with spam filtering
  • Fast download and upload
  • Friendly technical support with no-nonsense policy
  • Monthly Direct Debit payment, and no minimum term (on most tariffs)
Technical Benefits
  • No blocked ports or protocols - a real IP connection
  • Fixed IP, including multiple blocks of IPs and firewall links (/30s)
  • Reverse IP control and delegation from web-based DNS management
  • IP6 address allocation and routing (native PPPoA and via IP4 tunnels)
  • Linux, Mac and Windows capable support team with no-nonsense policy
  • Live, online order and fault tracking
  • Live, online loss/latency reports more
  • In house R&D team for leading edge development
  • spamassasin based spam filtering with a wide range of per mailbox configuration options.
  • Virus checking on incoming email.
  • Multiple IMAP mailboxes.