OfficeNET Workplace
We may have touched upon a product we have developed called OfficeNet Workplace™ throughout the website. OfficeNet Workplace™ is an exciting business software solution for the construction industry. This innovative system makes it easy to control and manage projects, workflow and documentation. It provides many time saving features and allows you to capture, store and retrieve the entire knowledge of the company.

This amazing new product is ideal for companies with 3 – 3000 employees; it’s incredibly intuitive to use and automates many daily office duties and project tasks while allowing you to securely share information both internally and from remote locations.

It has been created to make your business faster, better organised and more profitable. Please explore the website to discover more about the power of OfficeNet Workplace™ and see just how effective it could be for your business!

Why Use OfficeNet Workplace?

The objective of the software solution is to successfully manage traditional content types (images, documents, drawings, and print streams) and electronic media (Web pages and content, email, video and rich media assets) to improve efficiency and allow you to gain greater control of your business, thereby reducing costs and improving financial performance.

14 Good reasons to choose OfficeNet Workplace

Managing company information is complex. Many businesses seek document and enterprise management systems when growth has stretched company resources until various burdens and anomalies are discovered within the data structure, e.g.

  1. Unable to find critical documents when you need them (lost or misfiled)
  2. Inefficient and inaccurate duplication of records and contact information between departments and individuals
  3. Data vulnerability due to staff resignations or incapacities
  4. Key data held in fragmented locations and not shared
  5. Errors repeated through lack of knowledge sharing
  6. Insufficient space to store paper records and legal archives
  7. The need to share data and gain remote access to centralised documents
  8. Escalating print & stationery costs
  9. The accounts department having to re-enter existing data
  10. Inefficient or non-existent disaster recovery plan
  11. Inadequate or partial data back-up (Servers but not workstations)
  12. Uncontrolled and insecure data access (without data audit trail)
  13. Slow and inefficient information retrieval
  14. Instructured or inadequate CRM


Whichever system you chose, it must address all the daily tasks associated with secure document capture, storage and retrieval while providing an easy-to-use platform for data sharing; one area commonly overlooked is the balance between ‘user friendliness’ and system capability. Many customer report extreme frustration with overcomplicated systems they have used in the past. Overcomplicated systems often end up in the bin or simply not used because only the IT manager and a handful of IT literate staff can get to grips with all the features! How many of your staff can use MS Outlook to perform simple tasks like creating a new contact group or use the e-mail contact list for a mail merge? The most advanced system in the world is virtually worthless if it’s too complicated and can’t be easily used by the majority of people!

People chose OfficeNet Workplace™ because it’s so clutter free and intuitive - it’s actually easier to use it than not!”

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