IP Security Cameras

A network camera can be described as a camera and computer combined into one unit, with everything needed for viewing images over the network built in. Cameras can be provided and connected to the current network using the existing infrastructure - wired or wireless, a system matching your requirements can be created.

OfficeNet Systems can include a video server that will monitor multiple network cameras and, using a motion detection system, can record for future playback and create alerts such as emails and alarms.

Network Cameras Features and Benefits
  • Single or multiple network cameras.
  • Access cameras individually from a web interface.
  • High quality images and video can be sent over a network or fast internet connection.
  • Wired or wireless scalable solutions.
  • Video server can monitor and detect motion on multiple cameras.
  • Normal VGA camera quality right up to DVD quality with night vision and audio.
  • Secure and reliable monitoring.
  • No tape changes - all footage is recorded digitally on a server.

Using camera recording software Windows PC users can monitor and record functions for security surveillance, on schedule, on alarm or when motion is detected.