Hosting & Domain Registration

The domain services we provide are broken down in to four parts and typically people will buy all four parts as a package. However we can accommodate you if you need to mix and match the various parts. The charges apply to each domain and for the period we are providing the service.

1. Domain Registration

Includes registration with the appropriate internet registry and a reasonable number of changes which you may require. It covers the registration fee as well as our time providing any management and support. This price covers normal UK/net/com/org and info domains, other domain costs may vary.

2. Domain Name Server

Covers the provision of the domain name service for your domain, including web-based DNS editing with live syntax checking.

3. Email Handling

Includes either secondary MX (i.e. backup) mail relay, and/or pop3 mail boxes (unlimited email addresses under the domain or sub domains). Email can be sorted on our mail servers, and we allow up to 1GB per domain. Extra usage over 1GB is charged extra per month for each extra GB or part.

4. Webspace

Includes our web hosting service allowing static pages, perl scripts, password protected areas, usage stats, and handling multiple subdomains. We allow up to 1GB per domain. Usage over 1GB is charged extra per month for each extra GB or part.

We also design, develop and support anything from static websites to fully customisable content managed ecommerce websites using our own accounts package. For more information please visit the Website Development services page.