Document Management

Electronic Document Management is the powerful, fast and efficient document management system that converts all incoming paper documents into electronic format.

Removing a large proportion of paperwork from the office environment represents significant benefits such as improved use of resources and time. The environmental impact of the relatively paper-free workplace created by OfficeNet cannot be understated.

Common formats such as FAX and E-Mail are dealt with inside Workplaceâ„¢, while other types of document open in their respective applications like(for example) Excel and CAD packages.

A distributed multi-site system with remote users works best when all paper is virtual. If a physical document is necessary, it can be printed by the end user, saving everyone involved time, effort and unnecessary duplication.

  • Receive incoming faxes as PDF
  • Scan paper documents into electronic inbox as PDF.
  • Distribute documents from electronic inbox by email to recipient(s).
  • Incoming documents are stored against a company or project profile (or both) and copied to the relevant personnel with a couple of clicks.
  • Move email into a folder to be filed in its entirety with attachments. Also notify other recipients by email of this document.
  • Print documents into the EDMS to convert and file documents as PDFs.
  • Entry entered into audit trail of the document showing to whom the document was emailed.
  • With a backup system in place all of your data is safe and can be quickly recovered in the event of an emergency or disaster.
  • Documents stored within OfficeNet can, at any time, be printed, emailed or faxed directly.